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Jerry Qu

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I build cool things that I would use. I love to learn new things and doing the impossible. My current focus is in NLP.

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My Projects


Fake News Detector

#10 Competitor for the Leader's Prize

Using BERT, XLNet...

Leader's Prize: Placed #10 for $1mil Fake News Detector Competition


Curricula Generation with Geometric Deep Learning

CES2019 Young Innovator To Watch Award (Backen)

Virtual Self Driving Car

Using Deep Q-Learning in PyTorch

Virtual Self Driving Car: Deep Q-Learning w/ PyTorch


Vision for the Visually Impaired

A-Eye: Vision for the Visually Impaired
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My Experiences

My Experience
Competitor | Leaders Prize ($1Mil Prize)
2019 - Winter | Data Cup

I ended in #10 in the Leaders Prize. I built NLP models to identify fake news, using algorithms such as XLNet and BERT.

Data Scientist
2019 - Summer | CIBC

I build out ML models to predict likelihood of fraud at branches using algorithms such as XGBoost.

ML Engineer
2018 - Summer | Microsoft

I worked on the Azure team, building out forecasting algorithms to identify high-value customers early on.

My Education
Univeristy of Waterloo
2019 - 2024

I’m currently studying Software Engineering at uWaterloo. I host a 20 member ML group, running weekly ML sessions.

The Knowledge Society
2017 - 2019

A human accelerator in Toronto with the mission to ‘create exceptional people to solve the world’s biggest problems.’

Online Courses
2012 - Present

I've always learnt online. Starting with Codecademy (HTML), moving to Coursera (ML), Udacity (ML), and Udemy.

Things I'm Working On
Project: Web Scraping Graph Search
NLP Skills
Python / ML Skills
Foundational Skills
Problem Solver

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Quotes I Live By

I do what I want, I want what I love.

- Jerry Qu

"So why would I quit? The thought that I would stop when I'm dead. Just popped in my head. I said it, then forgot when I said."

- Eminem

"Winners and losers have the same goals. Systems are the processes that lead to results."

- James Clear | Atomic Habits

Results = (Hard Work * Time) ^ Strategy

- I just gotta put in the time

Be Kind.

(When I move over to AWS Lambda)

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